About Flora

A bit about me… I’m a dog person, wine lover, and writer for my Vancouver based fashion and lifestyle blog, TheFloraLaw! I live in Vancouver, British Columbia where I studied communications and publishing in university – now I work in marketing.

I started “Instagramming” in Summer 2016, using it as an outlet where I could be girly and a little bit superficial. I worked at a tech startup at the time, which I loved… but it wasn’t the most fashion forward or chic environment for me.

I began posting my outfits, coffee, flower runs, even happy houring with my friends – I posted most things I did on my Instagram page. After 8 months of doing that, I decided it was time to create this fashion and lifestyle blog where I could share all these things I love and am passionate about.

This blog is where I’ll post about fashion, beauty, travel, and all the things in between. I want to share everything that I find worthwhile with you!

xo Flora



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